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Smokey The Lamer

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1Smokey The Lamer Empty Smokey The Lamer on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:40 pm


Smokey Is A Sad Case People He Claims He Is weed.man And Runs weed.man420 Or Some Shit Ill Get The ID Iv Known This Bag Of Dog Shit For A While And He Is A Major Cry Baby And Hangs With Not So Uber Chris Productions And A Few Other Dumb Fucks Who Think They Big And Bad...Well Mr Smokey I Havnt Left Yahoo So Are You Going To Keep Talking Your Shit About The Justice? Or Are You Going To Run Like You Always Do (LOL) Dont Ever Get It Twisted And Think You Can Talk Shit To My Peoples Smokey Because You Know Your Self The Empty Threats You Make Are Simply That EMPTY So How About You And Your Little Fucking Cock Suckers Come At Some 1 Who Can Do Shit Back Because I Tell You Now Smokey You And Your Funky Ass Buddys Aint Shit So Come On Over And Try Your Shit With Me You Uneducated Wet Behind The Ears Sack Of Dog Shit cheers Ill Be Waiting For You And/Or Your Little Friends


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