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a noob named sirdon

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1a noob named sirdon Empty a noob named sirdon on Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:40 pm


all 1 word sirdon
well just to give yall an lil intro to who I am, just an noob named sirdon 27 yr male tryin to learn the art of cracking and programing and booting so if ne 1 has time to toss a few tips or care to take me under they wing and show me the ropes i would me so thankful and fo takin time to pass on what was pass on 2 u, i tend to mess up alot with trash progs and looking for an active xp or win 7 for i get black screen had to reinstail and lost file with key lol i know im a lil off but its all in fun im on my computer almost 24/7 and looking fo some were i can leanr and maybe become an admin and do my part and help i wont admin tommorw but i am an fast learner. my yim id is same as my name here so feel free to add or just hit me up thx fo takin time to read my intro was a lil longer then i thought when i started lol

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