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Y-Exposed And Its Future

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1Y-Exposed And Its Future Empty Y-Exposed And Its Future on Sun Dec 23, 2012 2:01 am


As 2013 approaches I Find Myself Thinking About The Future Of Y-Exposed And The Direction I Intend To Take It.

For To Long Governments And Bigwigs Around The World Have Been Fucking Us The General Public Up The Ass Whilst They Live Their Comfy Lives And Don't Think Twice About The Implications Their Actions Bring Upon Them Selves.

Only When People Like "ANONYMOUS" "LULZSEC" And A Few Other Factions Expose Them For What They Are Do We Understand That We Live In A World Built On Lies And Restraint.

After A Recent Conversation With Some Good Friends Of Mine,I Have Decided To Start Exposing Issues That Truly Matter To The People,A lot Of What Will Get Exposed Will Surely Upset Some People But To Those People I Say This.

Would You Rather Live In A World Of Lies Corruption Restraint Poverty Or Would You Rather Live In An Open World Where Its Not A Crime To Express Feelings And Share Information Where We Don't Just Look Out For Ourselves That We Look Out For Our Brothers And Sisters.

Once In A While Something Will Happen That Restores My Faith In Mankind For A Split Second But Where There Is Good Bad Is Never Far Behind,That's Not To Say That I Think The World Should Be All Fluffy And Safe Because For One To Think Such A Thing Is Surely Deluded.

I Refuse To Accept The Fact That Because Of Someones Status i.e(Governments Banks Company's News Reporters Celebrity's And So)It Gives Them The Right To Do What They Please And When They Get Found Out They Try To Silence You,In Some Cases Silence By Any Means.

So In The New Year Expect Big Changes And Expect The Unexpected Because There Is No Length I Wont Go To In Oder To Show These Bloodsuckers For Exactly What They Are.

With That Being Said I Wish You A Very Festive Season And Good Cheer To All Smile


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