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Y-Exposed! » Main Page » Site News » New logo is finished at last. yes it's low tech but it's memorable.

New logo is finished at last. yes it's low tech but it's memorable.

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So some or all of you may have noticed that the new site logo/banner is not animated. Well I have been fiddling with this concept for several months now. I decided to go with memorable over flashy. Besides flash images lagg like a bitch. That is correct this logo is completely mine I developed the concept. I drew it and you all of you get to share in it's awesomeness lmao just kidding. I will say that I am reasonably proud though. To my many haters out there who will most likely take minute(as in tiny or miniscule not the unit to measure time )(for the idiots and haters) potshots at my art or ur site. Think before you speak mainly because I know that none of my haters can do even half the shit that I can do. I also know that they could not do it nearly as good either; so they hate on me because they are jealous.

That is fine for every dumb cunt mother fucker hating on me that's one more innocent person they are leaving alone. Besides I mean it's not like any of you fucking losers could actually do more than hate on me. You run your mouths but fail completely at the follow through. That's OK because when pussies like you talk too much your women if you are lucky enough to have them. Start seeking me out wanting to swing from my nutsack. That's right bitches even women dumb enough to date the likes of the idiots that like to hate on their betters know when to jump ship. No I do not take cast offs but it's fun to watch you pathetic simpletons flounder around in the furious rages you let loose when you believe I might.

I have to say that it is far more hilarious when the crazy bitches themselves believe that I fell for their lame bullshit. Yahoo is gone but Destruction and I will never be forgotten. Our new logo represents our ability to stay when everyone else fades away. We are here to stay do not delude yourselves into ever thinking we are gone. Our logo will be on T-shirts, licence plates, key chains,dog tags,laptop skins, pens, stationary, wallets, goodies, jackets, caps, even note book covers. We will last where others have fallen short of their goals.

We are Y-Exposed and you should be hiding now. All of your dirty secrets everything you have ever tried to conceal from the public eye. Your indiscretions, your illicit shadowy business dealings, the things the government tries to hide. All of it will wind up here on our forum. You cannot hide anything from us. We will be seeing you and we are always watching.

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nice work on the logo brother mah fuckah looks good afro

Exploring a world 1,000 miles away from home,
One of the greatest feelings ever known,
You're there and back and everywhere,
All without having to leave your chair,
We work with a friend that never complains,
Nor steals, murders, or calls people names,
He is a computer or form of machine,
More advanced then you have ever seen,
We manipulate computers to have some fun,
Tap into data and get a job done,
The Pheds. call us Hackers,
While others call us Crackers,
To me those terms are boring,
For we are really exploring,
We are all very smart,
And have been since the start,
We study and we read,
So that we will succeed,
In learning computers and all that we can,
And that's why we're smarter then the average man,
So to all of you people who didn't know any better,
I hope you took the time to read this letter,
And now understand to an extent more or less,
That we are not really the criminals described by the Press,


Glad you like it brother. Thanks ! Get in touch on you know what k we need to have ourselves a chat about stuff lol.[justify]


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