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Ignorance is only bliss when the person cannot comprehended the fact that they are in fact ignorant. Stop the ignorance people fight for our children's improved education. Public schools in Georgia and all across the U.S. are failing our children. They have sub-par at best. The school boards are severely lacking. The kids of today have almost no understanding of proper spelling and grammatical usage these days. The abbreviated-speech they use online and in texting has them thinking that is the proper way to spell. They have no cognitive comprehension of the English language.
This issue is the school boards and local governments fault. Because of them our children are growing up ignorant to proper speech, grammar and punctuation as well as using proper sentence structure. It is a disgrace to our country and all of r people. I for one will not let it stand. We must all come together to fight the gradual decline in our educational standards. Typos are one thing but a complete lack of the correct way to read, write and punctuate a sentence is completely unacceptable. We need more private school grade education without the cost. China, Japan and other Eastern based cultures have a far greater comprehension and actualization plan for long term education than ur so called educational authorities seem to.

When even Colleges concentrate more on the monetary aspects than the educational side of things tike's know it is bad. Take for example American Intercontinental University's lame and unnecessary approach to educating the masses. Their curriculum is non-existent they take your money and completely control the spending of it. While at the same time neither giving you a worthy education or giving a damn about the student body. They are glorified con artists. The kicker is they have foolishly received government backing. Which begs the question. What in the hell kind of idiots are we voting for? They allow glorified thieves to be in eduation and not actually offer any real educational value to their curriculum.

University of Phoenix is no better. All of the online college courses these days in the U.S. seem to hinge on on e thing money. Who has it who qualifies for it and how they can get it from us. I mean it used to be you could apply to register in a course of study and actually only need that course of study. They make you take courses that have absolutely nothing to do with the occupation you wish to obtain. Like for instance say you were wanting to be a computer arts major. The courses required for this are English, Advanced mathematics and so on. I want to dram you idiots I do not need mathematics or advanced English. I am sick of these fools telling me that I have to take some stupid prerequsite courses that have absolutely nothing to do with what I want to learn. It is a sad day when our government and educational systems fail us completely but they have. We must stand up for ourselves and most importantly ur children. They will be the ones who benefit the most from a restructuring of the educational system. One more thing stop funneling school funds from arts and music programs into military recruitment programs. ROTC PROGRAMS ARE FINE BUT MUSIC AND ARTS PROGRAMS ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT. IT IS UNDERHANDED HOW 16-18 yeA
r holds are recruited b
efore they even graduate high school. They are far too young to know what they want even with parental consent. The military should not get their claws into them until they are at least in their mid twenties. I know there are some that wil

l say "You are an idiot Griffin they are considered adults at the age of 18-21". I do not care when the morons of the government say that someone comes of get. I care when they will have thintelligence, Life experience and maturity to decide that they would like to throw away their extremely short life on this planet for some jackassed political bullshit. I mean fighting for your home is fine and dandy people;but you should A)have complete understanding of what you are getting into.
B) not be used as a political pawn y some jackass who's name rhymes with tarack modrama and
C) be completely capable of understanding what exactly you are throwing away before hand.

I don't believe that fighting and dying for your beliefs or way of life is bad just the ages of the people that we recruit to do these deeds is wrong.
I know a lot of people will misread and misinterpret what I am saying. Fine I honestly do nit give a flying shit what some anal fucktards think of my comments here. Intelligent people will take the time to actually read and comprehend my meaning. They are the ones I am speaking to.

The United States of America has grown fat, complacent and Apathetic in
Their inability to control Congress, The house of Representatives and even who is elected President. We have sat back and wallowed in self pity about ur inability to control or Ave a say in our countries political leaders and representatives for so long . That we are all but trodden under foot. I say tgat we the people of this great nation need to take back our controlling interest. Stand up to those fat lazy life-long politicians and show them just who the fuck they are dealing with. All of the government agencies need a wake up call including the Infernal Rectum Slaves. The Criminal Idiocrocy Agency as well as the bureau of Fucking Bureaucratic Incompetence. They all need to realize who is in charge it us not them nor is it the half African puppet they bought into the presidency. We the people of this nation are in complete control and it is time we excersised our rights and control.


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