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1GET UP, GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING... Empty GET UP, GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING... on Thu May 23, 2013 4:41 pm


Life is a complete pain in the ass. What I mean by that is. Life with all it's ups and downs mostly just makes us not even want to try. The truth is the majority of people never strive to be more than they are.

I on the other hand choose to be much more than that. I am sure Destruction does as well. Working your ass off in a job that will never take you very far or in a career where your boss underestimates you constantly. That is no way to live. I am sure that some of you are saying but Griffin we cannot just quit or job we are in a recession. Well obviously I don't advise anyone to just up and quit their jobs. I am merely suggesting that you should attempt to leave your mark in some other way.

Like starting a column on Y-Exposed for example or blogging on tumble something to get your name or nickname out there. Make yourself known.
Be abrasive start a commotion write about completely controversial topics.

Do something besides growing fatter while scarfing down poptarts, Doritos and hotpockets in your moms basement. No one will remember you if you don't make yourself memorable. Get up, get out and do something.


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