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convo with the fake forsaken.

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1convo with the fake forsaken. Empty convo with the fake forsaken. on Mon Jul 15, 2013 1:30 pm


Hmm wondering to myself if Desrruction hasn't fallen off the planet. I was hanging in an I R C CHAT THE. Other night yes I am aware that shit is low tech. Since the wonderfully untimely demise of Yahoo chat though where else is there Skype not google yeah right not a chance in hell. Anyway I was sitting there being all incognito. Some doofus pretending to be. My brother on a Aforsaken warrior Tag pops in starts playing like he is MY DEAR BROTHER. This is a small part if the convo

(F0R$AK3N VVARR10R): yo peeples wuz up.
Tymecaster: that da real FORSAKEN?
(F0R$AK3N VVARR10R): yeah it's me dud I the orginal mo fo.
T.K.O.C.: No that's a pretending little bitch. If that is Forsaken who am I?
(F0R$AK3N VVARR10R): nobdy to me you aint spaciel.
T.K.O.C.: Really? are you sure? Ok. Bitchboy now I know you are not him. One he is a way better speler than your stupid ass. Two he would know who I am just from my typing the question and this ID. You are a fraudulent piece of shit. Newsflash he is stilk around he has not gone soft and I will inform him you are playing head games bitch. Or should I say Allen aka the fake bitch known as windows 98 glitch.
(F0R$AK3N VVARR10R): who is u bithc boy? You jus nother lamr like that bitc P.J. SAYN HE DA REAL FORSAKEN n shit.. you all talk boi. What u gonna do.
T.K.O.C.: How about this I am the second owner of Y-Exposed the only other true hacking asshole left from the old days. I can and will fuck yiur loser ass up. The real forsaken does not even go by FORSAKEN anymore. He went back one of his original Names. Which youd know if you were him.but he is still the real FORSAKEN WARRIOR. COME ON AHEAD BITCH IF YOU THINK YOU ALL THAT. JUST FOR YOUR INFO. THIS IS THE KING OF CHAOS. ALSO KNOWN AS THE ONE AND ONLY GRIFTER YOU O ATHETIC LITTLE FAKE FUCK. NOW LIE SOME MORE. LMAO...
FCKYUBTCH: Who is grifter?
Sk8trboyz: yo griff where you been dude been forever. This is DMZ darkmind.
(F0R$AK3N VVARR10R):some fake bitch tht think he all dat. He ant shit do. All fuckin talk runs his gums like he bad but cant bck dat shut up.
T.K.O.C.: HEY JOE LONG TIME BUD where the hell you been. Hey Alken you punk bitch I know thats you. You are the only fool stupid enough to pretend to Be the real FORSAKEN without checking to make syre he is not still around. He and I will never be gone from chat fool. We are alwats watching.


2convo with the fake forsaken. Empty Re: convo with the fake forsaken. on Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:54 pm


Whilst i am flattered about people pretending to be me the fact that allen is doing it just grossed me out we all know that skinny cunt could never be me not even  in his wildest dream he is to uneducated and insignificant of a person to 1 matter and 2 be counted:)

anyway sup my brother ill be online some time later lets catch up peace

Exploring a world 1,000 miles away from home,
One of the greatest feelings ever known,
You're there and back and everywhere,
All without having to leave your chair,
We work with a friend that never complains,
Nor steals, murders, or calls people names,
He is a computer or form of machine,
More advanced then you have ever seen,
We manipulate computers to have some fun,
Tap into data and get a job done,
The Pheds. call us Hackers,
While others call us Crackers,
To me those terms are boring,
For we are really exploring,
We are all very smart,
And have been since the start,
We study and we read,
So that we will succeed,
In learning computers and all that we can,
And that's why we're smarter then the average man,
So to all of you people who didn't know any better,
I hope you took the time to read this letter,
And now understand to an extent more or less,
That we are not really the criminals described by the Press,

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