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Supperz Mah Fuckahz

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1Supperz Mah Fuckahz Empty Supperz Mah Fuckahz on Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:31 pm


YOOOO What it is what it is sup people long time no see/speak how is life treating you bitches? Derp

So last night i figured what the fucking hell im bout to jump on messy and WOW i love all the hate mail from some of you wetbacks lol making all kinds of crazy threats to come fuck me up and fuck up my website haha cool story bros because 2 things, firstly kinda hard to take me out when i don't even use a pc to often anymore and when i do it is not to hangout with pretenders and swingers you all had ample amount of chances to do so when i was fucking up what ever shit box room you chose as a "home" room lmao clowns, secondly why threaten y-ex when you know you have no power to knock off even my FREE hosting haha damn you fuckahz are 1337 as shit almost 3 years and counting y-ex has been running and still its here plain to see Smile

Not sure why you all carry on hating when clearly you are not going to do anything so please sit down and no you're place which i may add is at the bottom of the downy pile Smile

On a brighter note Grif my brother from another mother how fuck you been nig hit me up on my forsaken ownz id we so need a good catch up brah

Peace out fuckerz

Exploring a world 1,000 miles away from home,
One of the greatest feelings ever known,
You're there and back and everywhere,
All without having to leave your chair,
We work with a friend that never complains,
Nor steals, murders, or calls people names,
He is a computer or form of machine,
More advanced then you have ever seen,
We manipulate computers to have some fun,
Tap into data and get a job done,
The Pheds. call us Hackers,
While others call us Crackers,
To me those terms are boring,
For we are really exploring,
We are all very smart,
And have been since the start,
We study and we read,
So that we will succeed,
In learning computers and all that we can,
And that's why we're smarter then the average man,
So to all of you people who didn't know any better,
I hope you took the time to read this letter,
And now understand to an extent more or less,
That we are not really the criminals described by the Press,

2Supperz Mah Fuckahz Empty Awe damn you done went and woke The Grifter on Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:21 am


Bro you know haters .they can't help but hate.  These Little pussies haven't taken us out yet. Because they can't. Well they never could in all honesty. Shit son I got so bored I took myself out. Just for something to do. That's right b****** if they don't have a computer right now. So if you want to take me out hit my phone Out I dare you. You posing asked little nubs can't even do that. do you think I give two shits what you little fucks say about me behind my back nope not one bit never have never will. I just find it pretty damn hilarious that its been 3 years and you fuckers keep saying your going to take us out take the site down, & all that s*** I've been here on the site the entire time Forsaken's been working but I'm always here and you haven't done shit to me because you can't. So why don't you dry up you Shriveled old prunes. you ain't s*** now you've never been shit and you never will be s*** . So stop pretending like you are shit cuz I dont give a shit.

on a lighter note hey bro read your messages on here hit me up where I said Aight. Peace


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