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Fake Ass Wanna-be

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1Fake Ass Wanna-be Empty Fake Ass Wanna-be on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:24 am


Ok Lets Get 1 Thing Clear Right Now...This Is To The Goobers And Nut Swingers That Keep Saying Im William...Any Mother Fucker That REALLY Knows Me Knows My Name Is Pj NOT Will...That Spec Of Shit Will Couldnt Be Me If His Life Depended On It...Im A Mother Fucking Britt Any 1 From Old Times Knows This Shit EVEN YOU Know It Will But Yet Still You Join Gay Ass Crews Using My Fucking Name...Are You Semi Retarded??...So If Some Fuck Comes To Any 1 Saying They Forsaken Its Horse Shit If You Want To Find Out Take 2Seconds Out Your Very Busy Yahoo Lifes And Fucking Ask Me Directly Not Just Take The Word Of A Known Lamer Using The Name Of Some 1 Else...And To Clear Another Thing Up I Never Was Or Going To Be In The Fucking Programmers Knight Crew Bunch Of Fucking Beaners And Half Wits...

Exploring a world 1,000 miles away from home,
One of the greatest feelings ever known,
You're there and back and everywhere,
All without having to leave your chair,
We work with a friend that never complains,
Nor steals, murders, or calls people names,
He is a computer or form of machine,
More advanced then you have ever seen,
We manipulate computers to have some fun,
Tap into data and get a job done,
The Pheds. call us Hackers,
While others call us Crackers,
To me those terms are boring,
For we are really exploring,
We are all very smart,
And have been since the start,
We study and we read,
So that we will succeed,
In learning computers and all that we can,
And that's why we're smarter then the average man,
So to all of you people who didn't know any better,
I hope you took the time to read this letter,
And now understand to an extent more or less,
That we are not really the criminals described by the Press,

2Fake Ass Wanna-be Empty Re: Fake Ass Wanna-be on Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:40 am


well said

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