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Paige AKA 9MM Exposed

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1Paige AKA 9MM Exposed Empty Paige AKA 9MM Exposed on Mon Jan 21, 2013 6:52 pm


Ok So To Some This Thread Will Shocked Them As Like Many Others They Were Fooled Into Thinking Paige Is Little Miss Innocent...

Fact Is She Is A Lying Bitch Who Will Say And Do Anything To Try Cover Her Own Fake Ass...

Below Is A Conversation I Had With Her Last Night And Also A Conversation She Had With Someone Who Considered Her A Sister....

If You Don't See After The Post That She Is A Fucking Snake Then You Are Blind And Stupid...

Conversation : ME AND PAIGE
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: what to hell are yu talking bout
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i have done nothing against yu i love yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i hear your bubbies with the thief maria
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: how could yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i have said nothing to anyone
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i was hoping yu would still help me run jfa
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: listning to peoples damm lies
Forsaken Ownz: hold up first up you gave up the right to have a choice in who i am or not friends with....and you say u done nothing against me?....ok so lying to me and playing games to try prove i cant trust grifter isnt doing nothing against me no?.....come out of that bubble ur in paige.....u was hoping i would help run jfa? havnt u heard? im in evil fuccks now paige
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu know hun i wish yu the best
forsaken.ownz: look at the nasty shit u say about people
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i don't say nothing bout anybody
forsaken.ownz: dont forget paige i know the real you....the real you is friends with people but insult them in my pm or in confs
forsaken.ownz: oh u dont?
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: no
forsaken.ownz: do i have to post all our convos we had about some of ur friends on y-ex just to prove a point paige?
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm not going to fight with yu
forsaken.ownz: im sure hawk would love to see some of the sings u have said about him
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i wish yu the best i won't say nothing
forsaken.ownz: u wont say nothing cos im right
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: about as i have not
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu and grifter were the ones saying bad things bout dad not me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i love dad
forsaken.ownz: pffft right so i havnt got archives of u saying he makes ur skin crawl and he a pig and u sick of giving him shit
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: just leave me alone ok
forsaken.ownz: dont try act miss fucking innocent u know for a fact i have the proof
forsaken.ownz: lol leave u alone?
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: be nasty i'm not
forsaken.ownz: admit u fucking talk shit about ur friends behind there backs ill leave u alone
forsaken.ownz: deny it ill expose u
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm deleting all your names
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i do nothing to hurt yu
forsaken.ownz: dont test me paige....i have archives and recordings of u spouting off at the mouth
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: go ahead hurt me
forsaken.ownz: u think deleting my names will stop me?
forsaken.ownz: admit it ill leave u alone simple......if u dont ill post all my archives with screen shots trust me paige theres alot 3 years worth
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: and i though yu loved me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: boy was i wrong
forsaken.ownz: no i did b4 u tried to play games with me
forsaken.ownz: i change my whole fucking attitude just to be with u so dont give me that shit
forsaken.ownz: so admit u talk shit or ill expose everything and come after u and ur friends....im done with games paige try me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i don't talk shit
forsaken.ownz: =))
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu grifter did a lot more then i did
forsaken.ownz: yes and its nothing me and him havnt said directly to the people
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu know i would never do nothing to hurt yu
forsaken.ownz: so what ur saying is im a lier and u never said no bad things about fellow jfa and ur friends?....think about the road ur about to take if u answer that wrong
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i don't have to answer yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm not with yu
forsaken.ownz: if u keep making me out as the lier do u even understand the lenghs ill go to just to destroy everything about u
forsaken.ownz: no 1 will be safe as ur friend
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm not calling anybody a liar
forsaken.ownz: so u admit u talk shit about friends and jfa
forsaken.ownz: simple yes or no
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: no more then yu did
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm gone i wish yu the best
forsaken.ownz: they wernt my friends....and fact is i said it all to them...u did it behind there backs
forsaken.ownz: so that makes u a backing stabbing fake right?
forsaken.ownz: how many friends will lose computers b4 u understand i am not playing with you
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: quit hurting me
forsaken.ownz: bs u hurt me
forsaken.ownz: i warned u dont ever shit on me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i never shit on yu i loved yu
forsaken.ownz: oh so trying to make me hate my bestfriend isnt shiting on me no?
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i know yu and grifter are best friends
forsaken.ownz: so why try make me hate him
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: its me that got crapped on
forsaken.ownz: because u tried to play god
forsaken.ownz: and now look
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm not on much anymore
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: and i'm not on pal talk
forsaken.ownz: did u really think i was going to just let all this go?
forsaken.ownz: lol yes u are
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: nope
forsaken.ownz: u think if u leave that changes a thing
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm in another program
forsaken.ownz: i still come after ur friends
forsaken.ownz: u think i wont find u?
forsaken.ownz: dont underestimate me paige
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu know what i'm half dead now anyway
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: nothing matters
forsaken.ownz: is that ment to make me stop or something?
forsaken.ownz: u brought this on ur self and ur friends
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: noooooo
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i am very ill
forsaken.ownz: oh u going to play the ill card huh
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: but it doesn't matter
forsaken.ownz: u messed up playing games with me paige....the safest thing for u personally to do is just float away from the internet
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: momma is the only one i told
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: she wanted me to tell yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: but i wouldn't
forsaken.ownz: momma is there for me ok so dont try play the momma card.....considering u said oh what was it now paige.....she just loves trouble and is always up in peoples business
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu told me she was a fucking bitch
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i never said anything like that
forsaken.ownz: oh so that makes it ok for u to talk shit
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i loved momma
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu know that
forsaken.ownz: dont u fucking dare lie.....when all that shit first kicked off with her and grifter u fucking sat in conf with me and grif saying it
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i did not
forsaken.ownz: ur a fucking lier
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i tried to tell yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i have all the archives
forsaken.ownz: archives dont record voice duh
forsaken.ownz: and dont talk to me about archives ok because i have a shitton of u doggin people who u call friends and even fellow jfa
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu just want to fight so i'm going to go i'm not supposed get my blood pressure high
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i wish yu the st i'm gone
forsaken.ownz: oh look what a shocker u cant admit shit so u play the im sick card again
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i am sick
forsaken.ownz: bs
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm on dialysis
forsaken.ownz: sick in the head yea
forsaken.ownz: enjoy what time u have left online paige because i intend to cut it short along with ur friends
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: thats why i was in the hospital i had a plug put in my tummy for the machine on dec 12
forsaken.ownz: im sure u did
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i did
forsaken.ownz: just like ur rcmp right
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: don't even go there
forsaken.ownz: ur a fucking meter maid city cop
forsaken.ownz: who lives in an apartment
forsaken.ownz: omg how did forsaken find out :-j
forsaken.ownz: lost for words there paige?
forsaken.ownz: :)have a nice night paige....this isnt finished

Expose A Fake And They Run Just Like She Did Any Way Below Is A Conversation She Had With Someone Who Considered Paige A Sister

This Was At Christmas When I Left Her And JFA(Best Time Of Year To Expose)

justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: sissy just letting yu know i prob will be gone
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: without him my world is nothing
monquarter13: ummm ok
monquarter13: wtf happened
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: hugs be afe i love yu and merry xmas
monquarter13: wait
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: :x
monquarter13: what happened you two were fine after I yelled at both of you last night
monquarter13: now what the fuccck happened
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: grifter and his lies
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: ok i'm gone yu have a great xmas i love yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: :x
monquarter13: wait that doesn't explain anything
monquarter13: are you saying that Forsaken is back to being buddies with Grifter?

Paige Being Confronted

justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu can talk to me
monquarter13: ok why was Sue bounced from your room and wtf is all this bullshit about threats made to you by the evil fucccks
monquarter13: can't conference on new piece of shit laptop I can't get voice
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: ok
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: forsaken threatened all my people
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: and me
monquarter13: and that means you take it out on the rest of my family really???
monquarter13: my evil fucccks fought for you Paige.... we defended not only you but your whole family
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i know that
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm:  havnt u heard? im in evil fuccks now paige
monquarter13: but you are telling that all evil fucccks are banned from your room on paltalk  really
monquarter13: so what if he is
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: he had not even quit
monquarter13: Paige... we both know that forsaken left the JFA before Christmas
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: he did not quit
monquarter13: he did NOT get on my tag until 3 days ago
monquarter13: well someone is lying to me yet again then
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i loved yu like a sister
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm broken hearted
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu do know hes friends with grifter to
monquarter13: don't start that Paige... you know all those fights with grifter where you would leave upset and all those fights with grifter when I would as for your family to come in and get nothing
monquarter13: oops ask for
monquarter13: Paige... I defended YOU big time
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i defended yu to
monquarter13: so don't give me the whole I loved you like a sister speech
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i did
monquarter13: YOU lied to me Ms Paige
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i still do
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i never lied
monquarter13: you told me all the shit that grifter was saying was NOT true
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: it wasn't
monquarter13: that you NEVER hit on him ... that you NEVER tried to get with him
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i never did
monquarter13: I know how much Forsaken loved you
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i love forsaken i always will
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i was the one that got shafted
monquarter13: but yet he found out differently ,,, that you were saying things to Grifter that were inappropriate all in the name of "proving to Forsaken that he wasn't PJ's friend
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: he was the one after me
monquarter13: did you or did you not say things to grifter that were inappropriate
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: no
monquarter13: ok so you are telling me that PJ lied to me then
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: no
monquarter13: ok Paige stop the games it can't be both ways
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: look i don't have to defend myself
monquarter13: either you were saying shit to grifter or you weren't
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i did nothing wrong
monquarter13: no paige you do have to defend yourself
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: no i don't
monquarter13: I feel like I have been made a fool of
monquarter13: by someone I treated better than my own flesh and blood
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i would never do or say anything bad about yu
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: ever
monquarter13: why have I seen archives that say differently
monquarter13: see Paige it is like this
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: and if yu guys want to take me out go for it
monquarter13: I was told that when cornered you admitted to saying things to grifter that were inappropriate....
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i willl always love yu and forsaken
monquarter13: but yu are now telling me you didn't \
monquarter13: so that means Forsaken has lied to me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: nooooo
monquarter13: I would rather be slapped than lied to Paige and you know this
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i know that
monquarter13: and for the record Maria is NOT in my family
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: shes a thief
monquarter13: and further more what you did to Sue yesterday was so WRONG
monquarter13: drop the Maria is a thief bs as well please this isn't about her
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm sorry
monquarter13: she offered to send you the money and you won't let her
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: she don't have it lol
monquarter13: hell she can send it to me to give to you ffs but you weren't listening to any of that
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: let her send it to yu
monquarter13: and honestly this is NOT what this box is about
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu won't get it
monquarter13: I honely don't give a shit about that right now
monquarter13: oops honestly
monquarter13: I want to damn well know who is fucccking lying to me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: well until forsaken leaves me alone that is the way its going to be
monquarter13: either it is you or Forsaken
monquarter13: now I am getting pissier by the damn minute here
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: my mistake i didn't tell grifter not to call me his women
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: yu seen when he did that
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: when i did tell him he flipped
monquarter13: you do know I will confront PJ with this
monquarter13: I am sick of being lied to and talked about behind my back
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: that was my mistake
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: and i sure to hell paid for it
monquarter13: and as for bouncing Sue who is one of my members and banning all evil fucccks this is all I have to say on that
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i have to go do my dialysis
monquarter13: you obviously have forgotten who has been there for you and your fucccked up family Paige....
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: they making me do it manuely the first mth in case power goes out and i have to do it
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: no i have not
monquarter13: I practically ran your family for almost 3 months I helped your members when they needed it I and my evil fucccks fought your battles
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i know that
monquarter13: well if this is how you treat friends I don't need it ... I will be confronting Forsaken on all this bullshit bec ause one of you is damn well lying to me
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: forsaken isn't lying
monquarter13: so that means you have lied to me then
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: he just never let me explain
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: its done anyway
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i will always love him no matter what
monquarter13: no Paige for me it isn't done... I and my family were dreagged through the mud because of all the grifter bullshit
monquarter13: oops dragged
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i have to talk to yu later i need to do my dialysis
monquarter13: and you treating Sue like dirt and basically my whole family has pissed me off
monquarter13: always have an excuse to leave when the topic gets to hot for you paige
monquarter13: as always
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm sorry my dialysis comes first
monquarter13: well that's convenient for you then isn't it
monquarter13: good luck with that
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i will talk later
monquarter13: box me when it is over
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: takes me a hr to do it
monquarter13: I am not finished and I want fucccking answers

monquarter13: are you back yet?
monquarter13: Paige avoiding me is not going to make this all go away
monquarter13: I deserve answers honest answers
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: look i'm not avoiding nothing
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: whats between me and jammies is between us
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i'm not going to get myself upset over this
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i have had enough
justice_for_all_owner1_9mm: i love yu both but i'm deleting yu to
monquarter13: Paige... you really don't think you owe me an explanation???  really
monquarter13: and now you are deleting me
monquarter13: wow\
monquarter13: you are some piece of work Paige
monquarter13: that tells me that you are guilty of lying to me when you won't even explain yourself .... how do you look in the mirror let alone sleep at night knowing you have fucccked over the one person that had your back regardless
monquarter13: you talk a great talk Paige but when push comes to shove I meant nothing to you ..
monquarter13: your loss not mine because unlike you I don't have to run and hide from my friends because I don't lie to them nor do I treat them like dirt ...
monquarter13: I have lost any shred of respect I have ever had for you Paige because you refuse to explain all this to me ... well get fucccked because you will never be considered my family again ... but unlike you I won't kick nor ban your members when the come to my room because it isn't their fault that you are a coward who won't admit to fucccking up
The Following Mass Was Sent To JFA
monquarter13: I apologize for the mass but I figure better for me to send this myself so NOBODY is misinformed. Your owner Paige has lied to me for the last time... regardless of what she has or has not told the JFA family I am not upset nor mad at any of you... it is all on Paige... she chose to lie to me and after all the things I have done for her and the JFA family .. she bounced one of my members yesterday and has banned all Evil Fucccks from the JFA paltalk room..for those in the JFA that I have respect for you are welcome in the Evil Fuccccks room. you will not be bounced, banned nor treated badly... at least this way you get the real version not Paige's misguided and one sided version.. any questions hit me up I have nothing to hide nor lie about.. thanks Evil Fucccks Momma

Now I Can Post Screenshots But That Is Far To Long,Believe It Or Don't That Is Up To You But We All Know The Truth And YOU Paige Have Been Exposed For The Lying Back Stabbing Fake Bitch That You Are...

I Would Also Like To Ad Yes I Threatened And Her Crew Is Was All Me So Her Trying To Say Its Evil Fucccks Is Just Her Bullshit Evil Fucccks Have No Issue With JFA Members Coming In Evils Room Despite What Paige Tells Them...

Paige In The End You Have Lost Everything And You Deserve To Be Exposed So People Know Who They Are Really Dealing With..

I Warned You Don't Ever Try Play Me You Would Live To Regret It Ill Take Everything And Everyone From Around You I Do Not Play The Games You Like Paige And You Are Seeing That..

Exploring a world 1,000 miles away from home,
One of the greatest feelings ever known,
You're there and back and everywhere,
All without having to leave your chair,
We work with a friend that never complains,
Nor steals, murders, or calls people names,
He is a computer or form of machine,
More advanced then you have ever seen,
We manipulate computers to have some fun,
Tap into data and get a job done,
The Pheds. call us Hackers,
While others call us Crackers,
To me those terms are boring,
For we are really exploring,
We are all very smart,
And have been since the start,
We study and we read,
So that we will succeed,
In learning computers and all that we can,
And that's why we're smarter then the average man,
So to all of you people who didn't know any better,
I hope you took the time to read this letter,
And now understand to an extent more or less,
That we are not really the criminals described by the Press,

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