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Dumb Ass Elite Killers

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1Dumb Ass Elite Killers Empty Dumb Ass Elite Killers on Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:44 am


Ok So I Dont Normally Go Looking For Trouble These Days But I Just Couldnt Help My Self When I See What These Gay Ass Bitches Were Doing...Ok So I Get A PM That Theres Drama In A Chat Room So Me Being Me I Went For A Laugh And Boy Was It Funny So I Sat There For 10 Minutes On A Bot ID Just Watching Then These Elite Killer Fucks Were Telling This Other Crew That They Better Leave There Crew And Join Elite Killers Or Else They Will Deact There Names And Hack Them Well I Found This Highly Amusing As This 1 Uber Leet Killer Named Snake Was Posting Something Along The Lines Of (Account Terminated Thanks For Choosing Yahoo We Are Sad To See You Go)Or Some Shit Like That Well I Just About Rolled When He Said That Because Any Fool Knows You Cant Deact Some Ones Name Instantly Lmao This Tickled Me To The Core So Much So That Ihad To Call Bullshit On That Statement And Boy Was The Not So Leet Killers Pissed But Eh What You Going To Do?Because I Knew They Wernt Shit So Sat There Giving Them Shit About There Failed Attempts To Look Uber They Was Claiming They Was Going To Hack Me Dos Me Crack My Name All Kinds Of Shit Well Smart Ass I Sat There On A 123456 Passworded Bot And Mr Not So Smart Couldnt Figure It Out Lmao Well In The End They Kept Saying Come On You Think You BadAss Take Us Out But Oh Wait Wernt They Ones Making The Threats I Just Called Them Out On There Weak Attempts To Look Good And Ill Be Waiting A Long Ass Time For These Specs Of Shit To Do Anything To Me Fucking Wetbacks Think They Hot Shit Because They Think There Fearless Leader Chris Productions Is Super Powerful Lmfao Any One Who Thinks That Noob Is Anything But A Bag Of Dry Dog Shit Is Deluded All The Not So Leet Killers Are Useless Fat No Job No Pussy Getting Mother Fuckers So This Is My Message To You

If You Think You So Big And Bad Stop Talking Shit And Do Something Your All Sacks Of Dry Dog Shit Who Wouldnt Stand Up In A Strong Fart Breeze Let Alone Be Elite Lmao What Fag Names There Crew Elite Killers Lmao Funny Ass Shit

Exploring a world 1,000 miles away from home,
One of the greatest feelings ever known,
You're there and back and everywhere,
All without having to leave your chair,
We work with a friend that never complains,
Nor steals, murders, or calls people names,
He is a computer or form of machine,
More advanced then you have ever seen,
We manipulate computers to have some fun,
Tap into data and get a job done,
The Pheds. call us Hackers,
While others call us Crackers,
To me those terms are boring,
For we are really exploring,
We are all very smart,
And have been since the start,
We study and we read,
So that we will succeed,
In learning computers and all that we can,
And that's why we're smarter then the average man,
So to all of you people who didn't know any better,
I hope you took the time to read this letter,
And now understand to an extent more or less,
That we are not really the criminals described by the Press,

2Dumb Ass Elite Killers Empty Re: Dumb Ass Elite Killers on Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:11 pm


I just wanted to point out that christine productions is hanging out with a lame assed little pathetic cocksucker named Smokey and a moronic little no account know nothing noob named Steve a.k.a. P34c3 K33p3r Sinister a.k.a. Stephanie a.k.a. the faggot wannabe's I call the Penis Kissers they are just as lame if not more so than the so called not so elite killers. One more thing Smokey you pathetic little noob bitch you got a beef with us come do something you pathetic piece of shit . what's that you are a lame assed upstart that can't do anything but run his idiotic cum-dumpster I agree wholeheartedly lmao. ass-clown SIGNED: THE____GRIFTER OF Y-EXPOSED

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